Accommodation, prices and obligations of hoteliers

The prices in the hotels, are designed, freely. But, hoteliers are required to post endorsed by the EOT lists in each room, which must be entered the room with the related surcharges. Also, the hotel must be equipped with a special brand of EOT and maintain hygiene. H charge of phone calls, hotel, formed freely.

O hotelier is obliged to rent the empty rooms, each client, and to respond within three days, by phone or in writing regarding acceptance or no orders hire rooms. Also, it is required to have its customers the amenities advertised, such as pool, fitness facilities, nightclub, etc. is entitled to request a deposit up to 25% of the total agreed price. O customer, who ordered rooms and did not use them, it damages the innkeeper, the half of the agreed price. Apallassetai, however, from any liability for damages if the hotelier warned 21 days before the start of the rental. In this case, the hotelier must return the advance he may have received from the client.
H room rent is considered to be for one day, unless there is other express agreement between the customer and the hotelier. H rent refreshed for the next day, since neither the hotelier or the customer notice, from the previous day, to end the lease.
If the room we have booked is not available, no obligation for the property manager to ensure our stay in another hotel, at least the same order, which lie in the same city and have the same amenities and residence requirements, such as those advertising for his own hotel. At the same time, it must pay transportation costs and any additional price difference. If not make this possible, the hotelier must reimburse us, with all of the agreed price of lodging.
O hotelier liable for any loss or theft of valuables and money, we deliver only if, for safekeeping, taking evidence. For other objects, the hotelier is liable, unless the damage or loss is due to negligence of the customer or visitors, or if due to force majeure (such as earthquakes, floods etc).